Still coping with the fiasco known as school…

So you know how my 5 year old was not accepted to the charter school located 8 minutes from my house (just thought I’d throw that in there).  And you may or may not know that I have been completely obsessed since then of what I can do about it.  Well, unless a miracle occurs and 76 families drop out of line, my son will not be entering.  I hear the chance of being hit by lightning is actually better than 76 families dropping out.  Why would 76 families drop out, I mean really? I need to get over this.



Anyway, I have been researching homeschooling.  I know.  I’m from NY, and this would seem practically cultish, but I am reading all about it, and I joined a Yahoo group of local homeschoolers, and in other words, I am very open to the idea of it.  However, I know myself, and I know my kids, and homeschooling will not be the main mode of teaching for us, but why not implement it into our daily life anyway?  We have been unschooling for about a year and really enjoy it.  I have books and have spoken to a Montessori teacher (OK, emailed back and forth for advice) and have implemented many Montessori aspects into our home, and daily life style, and it’s GREAT!


There is really NO reason why I cannot continue to “homeschool” or “unschool” my kids, even if it means 5 days a week, 10 months out of the year, it will not start until they get off the bus!  I can see that this is not for everyone, and it is not my number one choice either,  but believe me, I am not trying to solve the world’s problems here.  I am just trying to do what is best for MY children, and I have a real good feeling that this may actually work for us.


Nothing is set in stone.  I can change my mind any time I want if I feel that there is a better way to do things for my kids.

But for now, homeschooling (a VERY loose version of it at this point in time) is working.

Gotta go make a chocolate cake with the kids now….they are sort of demanding it….and I will not deprive my children of a good education or some good chocolate cake….what kind of mother do you think I am?


*** all the photos are part of  two projects that we have been working on this past week.  The owl book sprung from a visit with an owl exhibit at our local library on Thursday, and the weather project began today.  I plan to make that part of our daily morning routine.

**the project ideas sprang from numerous homeschooling blogs I have been visiting, esp. Camp Creek Blog.

**today’s weather: 24 degrees and sunny (sun drawn by my 3 year old daughter)



9 Responses to “Still coping with the fiasco known as school…”

  1. Eren Says:

    Good for you mama! Looks like you are finding some answers.

  2. Catherine Says:

    Baking a cake is a learning tool too, measure the ingredients, read the recipe, don’t ouch the oven rack … kids learn a lot just participating in their own lives. But you already knew that. Maybe there’s a compromise out there for you? Around here we have programs that are directed at home school families. Either afternoon lessons that would just be too much to do at home alone, or sports at the rec center.

    In other crazy news – I was at our neighborhood school at 5:30am today to register Elliot for full-day kindergarten (traditionally there had only been one class, 25 kids). I was #15 in line. At 5:30am. #1 in line got there at 3:30am. Somethings gone wrong with our school systems.

  3. catebrook Says:

    Oh, I hope these are the right answers, Eren!

  4. catebrook Says:

    Catherine, I hope this means that Elliot got full day! One of the local private preschools (yes, you read that right) has this happen too. My insane SIL and her husband would camp out in this freezing weather beginning at 1230 am–and they were never there alone. It was to sign up for the “best teacher” at the “best hour.” whatever!

    We don’t have this for our public school though, thank goodness.

    Yes, there are programs directed for homeschool families. I am only discovering them now because it was never something I had ever paid attention to. The Yahoo group is a great resource of information.

  5. lori Says:

    thank you so much for the link, and good luck! :^)

  6. catebrook Says:

    Oh no, Lori! Thank YOU! for sharing what you know!!!! BTW, I’m super jealous of you Airstream……….

  7. Gretchen Skovron Says:

    We are in a similar situation and I just put a ton of books on hold at my library about how to homeschool and unschool etc.

  8. lori Says:

    hee re: the airstream .. so many people fantasize about owning one! go for it! :^)

  9. Anne Says:

    I can understand the obsession. There are so many great blogs from homeschoolers – if you need some links, email me. We are beginning our school journey with public school this year. I am just going to take one year at a time. It should be easier than this.

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