Recent mornings…

I’m supposed to be at work but my daughter, Miss O. woke me up at 330 am with a fever of 102.  Great.  No NY this weekend either–the grandparents are VERY upset but want her to get better.

Nearly every morning this week, before I have even finished my coffee, the kids and I have been playing Hungry Hungry Hippo.  Remember that game?  I did not know the Hippos have names!  I bet that’s “new.”  Miss O is always the pink Hippo, named Happy.  Mr. J is usually the orange one named Henry, and I am usually the green one named, I’m sorry to say, Homer.  Harry is the yellow Hippo who usually stands alone.

Let me tell you, my kids, esp. Mr. J. is cut-throat at this game!!  It’s a good thing we don’t play for money because I would be broke.  How does he always seem to get the most marbles?

If you don’t have this game, my kids recommend it.  At ages 3 and 5, I think they know what they are talking about.



2 Responses to “Recent mornings…”

  1. Gretchen Skovron Says:

    oh yeah this is a BIG hit at our house too. We actually had to get the travel version for road trips. Totally worth it, btw.

  2. catebrook Says:

    There’s a travel version?!!! I had NO idea! I have to check it out 🙂

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