I did not realize people ACTUALLY do this…

Last night I asked my mother in law how her family was.  She’s French and still has lots of family in France.  (Don’t ever mention that her mother’s family might actually be Belgian because she might hurt youyou have been warned).  So she told me what she knew, and it’s too bad her nephew & his wife moved to:

Ile de la Reunion.


Ile de la Reunion.  It’s a tiny island off the coast of Madagascar.  It’s “French” you know…  Yeah, the one in the Indian Ocean.  That island…

He and his wife actually moved there to live in paradise because clearly Paris wasn’t cutting it anymore.  Aahhhh, Paris…..

*SIGH* I did not realize that people actually moved to islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean to really try to live a relaxing life.  Now I’m wondering when a good time to go and visit them will be….


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