The NHL should be knocking on our door any day now…

My husband has been trying to teach my son how to ice skate for the last 3 years to no avail.  This year he has finally got the hang of it!  Our daughter has too.  Nothing like a trip to the skating rink or skating on the pond at the end of our street.  The pond is waaay more fun.  Plus I just have to pack our little red wagon and walk to the end of the street with them, instead of driving 2 towns away for the rink 🙂

Yesterday, my son and I did nothing but shovel about 10 inches of snow off the pond that had fallen the day before.  In only 25 minutes we put an honest dent in it.  Surely we cleared enough space to do some skating today, except that today’s forecast includes wind chills of up to 10 below zero.  We’ll wait until tomorrow to skate.  It promises to be a balmy 28 degrees.  Ahhh, winter in New England 🙂


In a few days we’ll give him his hockey stick and puck and let him go crazy.  He’s got a great arm.  How many pucks will we lose to the snow banks?


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