This one is depressing

Is there anyone in your life who just saps your soul?  Wipes you out with their negativity and meaness?  Sadly I have 2 of these.  Both relatives, huh, isn’t that usually the case?  Unfortunatley I can’t get away from them no matter how many times I wish I can put them on an iceberg and push them away out to the cold artic sea, just like in the old Eskimo tales. It’s probably illegal anyway.  *sigh*

So what do you do to avoid the dark clouds that come in the form of people?

Tell me.


One Response to “This one is depressing”

  1. Catherine Says:

    is drinking an option? If not, just nod politely. There’s nothing you can do to change their state except listen.

    My grandmother was this way, always grumpy and talking badly about someone. So, I would just as her question after question about herself and things she liked. Never gave her the chance to choose the conversation topic.

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