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An interview with my daughter:

January 30, 2009

I interviewed my daughter this morning while my son was napping. I saw this on another blog, but now I can’t remember which one.  Some of my questions are different.

What is your name?   Olivia

How old are you?  3

What is your brother’s name?  Joseph

What is your favorite toy?     vacuum because Joseph’s broke and we can share mine.

What is your favorite show?   Caillou

What is your favorite song?   Happy Birthday

What do you like best about your brother?  to play with him

What is your favorite color?  blue

Who is your best friend?   JOSEPH!!!!

What is your favorite thing to do?  to play outside when it is warm and put my life vest on and bathing suit and go outside and swim.

What else do you want me to know about you?  we can play outside when it is raining but only with your rain stuff.



a clean house…

January 24, 2009

One of my favorite things in the whole world…100_04051

is a CLEAN house.  I.JUST.LOVE.IT.


I mean, what else can be so peaceful and free (besides a good family)?100_0408

This is exactly how I wish my house looked every day. 🙂 (but it hardly ever does, and that’s just fine too).

This one is depressing

January 12, 2009

Is there anyone in your life who just saps your soul?  Wipes you out with their negativity and meaness?  Sadly I have 2 of these.  Both relatives, huh, isn’t that usually the case?  Unfortunatley I can’t get away from them no matter how many times I wish I can put them on an iceberg and push them away out to the cold artic sea, just like in the old Eskimo tales. It’s probably illegal anyway.  *sigh*

So what do you do to avoid the dark clouds that come in the form of people?

Tell me.