We were BOOoooooed (Halloween fun)!!!!!

We were BOOOed! on Monday!!! I had not heard of this until last week when the houses on the street adjacent to ours were being “BOOed!!”

A neighbor leaves a Halloween bucket of treats at your front door, rings the bell, and runs away, or leaves it there while you are out.  That means you have been BOOed!  You are not supposed to know who left the treats for you, but you are to BOO!!! another neighbor.  Neighbors know not to repeat your house because you tape a BOO! Ghost sign to your door.

I can’t tell you how much fun my kids had BOOing two of of neighbors yesterday.  They had MUCH more fun doing that than actually receiving a treat themselves.

this was right before we BOOed the neighbors, and then running away from the neighbors front door.


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