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We were BOOoooooed (Halloween fun)!!!!!

October 30, 2008

We were BOOOed! on Monday!!! I had not heard of this until last week when the houses on the street adjacent to ours were being “BOOed!!”

A neighbor leaves a Halloween bucket of treats at your front door, rings the bell, and runs away, or leaves it there while you are out.  That means you have been BOOed!  You are not supposed to know who left the treats for you, but you are to BOO!!! another neighbor.  Neighbors know not to repeat your house because you tape a BOO! Ghost sign to your door.

I can’t tell you how much fun my kids had BOOing two of of neighbors yesterday.  They had MUCH more fun doing that than actually receiving a treat themselves.

this was right before we BOOed the neighbors, and then running away from the neighbors front door.


A Fall bike ride, and then we had a parade

October 25, 2008

First we went for a bike ride,

and then we had a musical parade in our front yard…

I was tagged for a MEME!!!!!!!! Can you tell how happy that makes me?

October 24, 2008

Catherine the Great at Pink Asparagus tagged me for a meme It’s All About Me, so here goes:

The rules are to answer the following questions in one word and then pass it on to seven others:

Where is your cell phone?  In my junk drawer in the kitchenswear to God!

Where is your significant other?   family room
Your hair color?  black
Your mother?  NY, where else?
Your father? with my mother

Your favorite thing? chocolate fudge cake with LOTS of chocolate frosting (NOT icing!!)
Your dream last night? don’t rememberbut I dream almost every night–weird dreams that I can’t remember
Your dream/goal? my kids remembering me doing fun things with them
The room you’re in?  living room
Your hobby? reading, sewing, outings with the kids

Your fear? being insecure
Where do you want to be in 6 years? as happy as I am now, maybe happier

Where were you last night? couch falling asleep
What you’re not? As thin as I wish I was. who is, right? don’t answer that.

One of your wish-list items? jeans from J Crew

Where you grew up? Long Island, NY, big hair and all 😉
The last thing you did? cleaned up after dinner

What are you wearing? pink yoga pants, blue pull-over, white socks 🙂
Your TV? ON!  NBC Nightly News
Your pet? Had to give Maggie back after only 2 weeks–my husband’s fault!
Your computer? in use too often
Your mood? Not as confident as usual today
Missing someone? My dog Maggie
Your car? Subaru Forester–silver–my fave car–next time going for the one with the sunroof
Something you’re not wearing? earrings–I need platinum–allergic to everything else
Favorite store? Home Goods
Your summer? WAY too hot and humid
Love someone? absolutely!
Your favorite color? Blue
When is the last time you laughed? at dinner
Last time you cried? yesterday

Seven others?   I don’t know anyone in blog land anymore…I just got back from blog break the other day.  Will read all those Catherine tagged.

This was so fun!  I LOVE doing this stuff!


October 24, 2008

is a Play-doh cookie baking, watch cartoons, and read under the covers kind of day…

Well, It’s nice to see you too…

October 19, 2008

I’ve been MIA.  Where?  I discovered Facebook.  I know, say no more.  It is VERY addicting my friends.  Very addicting.

But, it isn’t the only reason for my lapse.  Mostly, I can’t find time to do it anymore.  Seriously, this summer was crazy busy, and don’t even get me started on September.  How does everyone juggle raising two adorable kids,  scheduling playdates for them and for yourself, working part time, updating this crazy house, and getting all the cleaning, laundry, and dinners done and not ignore your husband?  Dude, something had to give.  By the time the kids are in bed I am EXHAUSTED and the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a computer.  I can’t blog like I want to anymore.

So from now on most of my posts will be short, sweet, and to the point dammit!

OK, down from my soap box.  Ta Ta…