It wants to die

A few weeks ago our washer decided that it would no longer spin or rinse for us (me actually) anymore. That was it, I thought it really wanted me to let go. But wait! my husband, a former airplane mechanic for the US Air Force just *knew* he could fix it. He took the washer apart, found the broken piece, drove to the Sears repair shop, and for $15 he got a new part. Of course it worked.  He is AWESOME.

But my washer thought it had been duped. It didn’t like that. It didn’t love washing another 10 loads or so and leaving my laundry smelling like Arm & Hammer Green Mountain scent. Oh no. So it thought, and thought, and BAM! it realized what it could do. It stopped spinning and rinsing. Again. Except, this time that washer didn’t do it the right way, because all I have to do is turn the knob a tiny bit to the right, and off it goes to work again. So, now former airplane mechanic for the US Air Force is going to try and fix that problem!

My washer is pissed. It just wants to die. It has washed our clothes clean and removed most stains (but not all, despite using Spray & Wash first, grrrr) for us since we were married almost 8 years ago. It has heard us complain how much water it wastes and how we wish we could buy a front load washer for years now, and it just wants to give up. But we are not ready to let it go. I love this washer. It’s a Kenmore S80 series, uh huh. We’re not going to give it up without a fight!


One Response to “It wants to die”

  1. Nadine Says:

    One washer dies and another will rise again.

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