This is a sad sad world some days….

My sister & her family came over this past weekend. We had a blast! On our drive home from dinner on Saturday night we passed my sister in laws house who lives exactly one mile down the street from us. There were three police cars in front of her next door neighbors house and two police officers were talking to the young boy who lives there. We all wondered what happened and thought it was probably a break-in.

Well, we thought wrong. It would have been NICE if it had been a break-in because what actually happened is chilling at best.

This is the link to the story: Norwell man.

Guess what? everyone around here has known that family for at least 9 years. Never a problem. Nice family. The kids wait at the bus stop with all the other kids on the block. Beautiful house and seemingly beautiful family. How does this happen???????

I’m trying to ignore the part when he stated that he won’t be stopped before he ends up killing his wife because I just CANNOT believe this.  This is the same person who warms up the car in the winter.  The same guy who I see take out the garbage every Friday morning.  What the hell?  And how can we help them?


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