School shopping for two? Oh My!

Yesterday was a super rainy day, but we didn’t care. We still had fun. For the first time ever I took the kids school shopping for BOTH of them!! My 4 yr old got two pairs of pants and my 2 yr old got 2 long sleeved shirts. I will wait a few more weeks before I buy them shoes. At this age they don’t need too much 😉 After we bought what we needed, we went to lunch at Brigham’s. They loved it! I loved the fact that they are both old enough that I can take them by myself to a child friendly restaurant and they were great! The two of them especially loved the chocolate ice cream topped with m&m’s that they got to eat at the end.

We had so much fun together! On the drive home from the mall they both fell asleep. They slept for TWO hours on the couch!!!!! I mean, it was a great day! When they finally woke up we (they) rode bikes up and down the street before we came in for dinner.

I just can’t believe I school shopped for both of them 🙂 This year my younger one will start nursery school one day a week, and my older one will be in Pre-K three days a week at the same school. Love it.


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