Photo albums

Next month we are taking the kids back to Story Land in NH. It’s easy, fun for the kids, and my 4 year old absolutely LOVES it. For days now he has been talking about it. He reminds us of all the rides he has been on and even about the ones he hasn’t. But he is having some trouble remembering exactly everything as he would like to. That’s when I realized that I need to print out more photos that I’ve taken and put them into photo albums.

Both of my kids love to look at our photo albums. The only problem is that the are TWO years behind. Yes. That’s right. I am guilty of taking pictures and never printing them out, except for an exception here and there. So last night after dinner I uploaded 60 photos (and ordered them) and I did about another 100 today. Not bad, right? Except that it took hours. That’s part of the reason why I don’t have more photos printed out: it takes forever! So now I am trying something new. For the next few days I will be uploading every chance I get until I have a good enough amount to order. My goal is to make it to the end of December 2006 by Saturday. Think I can do it? As of today I am up to August 2006. I think I can, I think I can…

The best part of this has been seeing all the wonderful times we’ve had in these 2 years. I had forgotten at least half of them! By the end of today I hope to have ordered photos of Story Land from the first time we were there in August 06. That way my son can have something to help him remember. Last years photos of Story Land will have to wait a little longer. I’m only one person.


One Response to “Photo albums”

  1. Catherine Says:

    I used to fill my albums methodically, ensuring that each of the four facing pages made sense together – that you wouldn’t have to flip the page to see the finale. WHATEVER. I just put together 2007’s pictures for printing. They will come to me en masse, all 350+ pics. Then I will find myself a bottle of wine and slide each picture into an album.

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