Secret Hideout

Recently my 4 year old son has had a few rough weeks. All part of the growing up process I guess. So today, being that it was his last day of summer camp (I know, it’s only the middle of June), I decided to spruce up his closet. My 2 year old daughter had a ton of fun “helping” me make her brother’s closet into a special space.

I decided to make it a secret hideaway that he can play in whenever he wants. This is a kid who likes to be left alone once in a while, so I knew it would work for him. I did have the added bonus that his closet has remained almost completely empty since we moved in about 2 1/2 years ago. What? He’s a boy and he’s 4.

I got the idea at ohdeedoh. So, what do you think? He absolutely LOVED it and told me it was “perfect.” He’s my favorite boy.


2 Responses to “Secret Hideout”

  1. Kat Says:

    That is a perfect idea! Oh the joy of being a mama to a sensitive little introvert boy. I have one myself dont’cha know….
    Sage’s closet is larger and deeper… not quite a “walk in” but definitely enough room for a kid to close the sliding doors and envelop himself into the land of Legos (which is what his “quiet room” is filled with).

  2. Nadine Says:

    That is such a sweet idea. You’re a great mom.

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