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Don’t know what to do

May 24, 2008

We might be returning Maggie.  It doesn’t look good and it makes us mighty sad, but she may be too much for us right now.  Trying to make it work.  She’s such a good dog!  I’ve never had a dog, but I know that Maggie is a good one.   Trying to figure out what to do.


It’s a GIRL!!!!!!

May 20, 2008

We have been very busy these last couple of days.  My husband has been looking for a dog for months and on Sunday we finally brought one home.  She’s a 3 month old puppy named Maggie.  They told us she is a Shepard/Lab mix, but she looks all English Pointer to us.  She’s really great with us, especially with the kids.  The foster family told us she is a people dog and they couldn’t be more right.  If she is left in the room by herself for half a second, she starts to cry.  Boy, I really had no idea how much work a puppy is because I’ve never had a dog.  I like to think I’m a goldfish person (BTW, Donnie and Marie are doing GREAT!)  The first day we had her I thought I would go insane, but she’s fitting right into our routine.  They told us dogs are like kids– they respond well to a routine they can count on.  Fortunately I have 2 police officers (my 2 kids) living here who don’t let her get away with any shenanigans.

Luckily for us the foster family already crate trained her (they are our new BFF’s) and we are keeping up what they graciously started.  They said it’s the only way they can stay sane while fostering all those puppies (they’ve been doing this for 12 years I think he said).

Now if she would just sleep through the night, we will be forever grateful.  The last 2 nights she’s been crying for up to one hour.  Loud crying.  ***sigh***  It’s almost like having a newborn in the house again.

Mother’s Day–Eat up!

May 13, 2008

Sunday morning after church we had brunch at our house.  My inlaws and some great friends came over bringing a ham and a french toast bake (with icing.  Dude.)

Peter and I made roasted potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms, and coffee.  We also had 2 cakes: a lemon poppy seed cake and a german walnut cake, bagels, mimosa’s, orange juice, and champagne, strawberries, and other fruit.

Maybe we should rename Mother’s Day to Eat Your Heart Out Day :), at least at my house anyway.

It’s almost like I’m Laura Ingalls

May 5, 2008

So this whole going green thing has really gotten me.  I’ve done all I can to green our household products, I made a cake from scratch when my daughter broke her arm (she wanted a PINK cake–that’s a LOT of red food coloring), and today I made my own laundry detergent using this recipe which was recommended by this lovely lady.

Yeah.  I did.  And you know what?  I used it to wash 2 loads of laundry which came out totally clean and smelling fresh!!!!  I loved it.  I did hate grating that damn bar of soap though–it took a good 45 minutes to do, but I took a lot of breaks, so it actually took me longer.

So now my husband wants to know when we’ll be moving to Lancaster so we can live in harmony with the Amish.  NEVER!!!!  If you ever see me wearing ankle length skirts and my hair in a bun with a bonnet, just shoot me.  Please.  Or better yet, make me live on Long Island again for a reality check.