We didn’t need to worry

Well, we had our home visit the other day and it turned out that the dog person is one of our neighbors!  She’s a dog breeder who lives down the street and showed up with one of her own dogs: a 7 year old retired champion Great Dane.  Have you ever seen one of those dogs up close?  H-U-G-E.  Where I come from we call something that size a pony, but he had no idea how big he was.  He was so good and gentle, we were pleasantly surprised by him.  He weighed in at the vet’s last week at 140 pounds.  Yeah.  His owner weighs about 105 pounds.  What can I say?

Anyway, we just talked with her for a little while.  She asked us some of the questions that the people who actually own the dog sent her, but not all of them because even she thought they were a bit much.  Then she emailed us a copy with her answers and we saw that one of the questions asked how she perceived our marriage to be!!!  LOL!!!!!  I KNEW there would be a question like that!  I mean, they sent her a list of 40 questions!!!!  Too funny!  She wrote that she thought we were very nice and that our children were well behaved (which they actually were), and she noted —drum roll please–, that our home was “clean, neat, and tidy.” I like her!!!

So, now we wait to see just how worthy of this puppy we are.  I swear, it’s easier to have a baby than to adopt a dog.


One Response to “We didn’t need to worry”

  1. Elisa Says:

    wait, i’m confused. are you adopting the great dane or some other puppy? …and please tell me your kids got a lollipop or a cookie or something for their stellar behavior!!! way to go! xoxox

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