Home inspection

I’m getting ready for a home inspection that we are having tomorrow afternoon. We are “adopting” a puppy, and apparently the “dog people” want to know if we are good people, so someone is coming over tomorrow to check up on us. I am a firm believer that to show I am a good person, I will clean my house from top to bottom because that is how I was raised. The last thing I want is for the “dog person inspector” to think that we are not worthy of adopting a puppy because we have dust on our furniture. There will be no dust on any furniture around here, NO SIR!

And I’m thinking that before the “dog person inspector” comes over, I will walk up and down my street to make sure all my neighbors have neat lawns because I want to show that I live on a civilized street, which is worthy of adopting a puppy. I know, I’m good.

Already this morning I have cleaned my kitchen and dining room and I have done one load of laundry. I know, I’m good. After some errands I will attack the living room, family room, bedrooms, and do some more laundry, and dammit, we may need to eat out tonight because I don’t want to get my kitchen dirty. All this is being done with NON toxic cleaners, thankyouverymuch. We are good people. We deserve a dog. We (will) have a clean house. My mother will be proud.

These are some photos of my clean house taken around Easter time. Proof that we are good people. Even though I have to take photos to remind myself what exactly my house looks like when it’s clean, because God knows it doesn’t last long, (we are still good people, though).


2 Responses to “Home inspection”

  1. Catherine Says:

    good luck

    I take pictures of my furniture before I move it to clean so I can put it back in exactly the same place. I once forgot to take pictures of the book shelves before clearing them off to move to another room and I was so pissed when I had to reorganize the books. So the fact the you take pics of a clean house is nothing!

  2. catebrook Says:

    Catherine, you crack me up! As you can see, my bookcases need LOTS of help!!!! If I ever get my books organized, I’ll be sure to take a pic of them too. šŸ™‚

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