Conversation with the neighbors

I just went to get my mail and 2 of my neighbors, K and C, who are in 3rd and 4th grades (I know, I’m cool), were outside watering K’s lawn.  C yells, “hey Cathy!  can we wash your car?”

Let’s just stop here for a quick side note:  I LOVE my car.  It’s like a “person” to me (shut up!  I do not need a therapist!).  I know 3rd and 4th graders—they won’t be careful and my “person” car will get scratched and my heart will be wounded forever.

I look over to my “person” car and mentally tell her that I will not let anything happen to her.

So I say to the kids, “No, not today, but thanks!”

Without skipping a beat C says, “well, we can’t do it anyway because P (another 4th grade neighbor— no, I do not live inside an elementary school) is not with us.  He’s part of our team.”

So, la di da to me!  They weren’t gonna wash my “person” car anyway.  Whatever!  That would have been the best car they ever would have washed!


One Response to “Conversation with the neighbors”

  1. elisa Says:

    lol…i’ll make sure next time you’re down to wash my car. i’ll even wax it to make it nice and shiny. maybe my car and your car can be like, the best of friends?

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