Shutting down….

Hi!  The creepiest thing happened.  Someone stole some of my photos from my flickr account and used them on their bowling site.  My friend informed me of this when she went on their site to book a party.  Who knows which other photos, if any, they stole.

So, this next week I will be shutting down this blog because I just feel completely creeped out.  I will, however, continue to read all the blogs I love and comment now and then.



5 Responses to “Shutting down….”

  1. Catherine Says:

    No. This just isn’t fair, I just found you. What’s so disgusting about this is you’re not the first, and I think it’s fair to say you won’t be the last. It happened to Rock Star Mommy and Dutch at Sweet Juniper. I’m sure there are many, many others, I’ve forgotten who all was affected. The best part from when it happened last time? Dutch is a lawyer. Some dummy stole pictures of a lawyer’s kid. Chris at Notes from the Trenches might have been stolen from too. I know it doesn’t change the fact you’ve been violated, but maybe knowing you’re not alone helps a little?

  2. Kat Says:

    Oh DEAR!!! Please please keep in touch okay?

  3. Elisa Says:

    WHAT?? but you just switched over to this site from! isn’t there anything you can do? you can’t just back down now Cate! Not to make you feel guilty or anything but do you know how much laughter and delight you bring to the blogosphere with your stories?!

  4. Elisa Says:

    maybe i was a bit harsh! i admit, it IS a bit creepy and you’re only trying to protect your kids!

  5. cheeky Says:


    Sorry to hear that. Have you contacted them and told them you see they are using your photos? One of the things I’m unsure about with having photos out there on Flikr? If they are public people have access to them, as well as in the blog, and some people take photos because they can and they don’t really care. It’s a strange thing now with everyone putting there photos out there. You can make your blog private and just get rid of the Flikr account. Hope you decide to do so as I will miss you wonderful sense of hmour and take on life. Please keep in touch via email of drop by.

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