Nature hunt

We had a great nature hunt this morning with some friends.  It was colder than we would have liked, (spring, where are you?!) but we put our warm clothes on and went into the woods out back and went hunting.  We used our trusty magnifying glasses and binoculars  and we came up with some pretty good stuff.  The kids searched for leaves, rocks, tree bark, and bird feathers.  They also found pine cones, huge rocks with moss all over them, fallen branches, and flowers beginning to pop up.

What a great little science project for these little ones to do.  I got the idea at Lapaz Home Learning.


4 Responses to “Nature hunt”

  1. Theresa Says:

    What a wonderful day! And the little ones look absolutely adorable with their little magnifying glasses and binoculars! So sweet!

  2. simply Says:

    what a wonderful science project…your pictures are wonderful too…we can see what they are up too…so cute :o)

    (thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog…blessings on your waiting…it is worth it…his plan is better than our own…)


  3. cheeky Says:

    Hello Cate!
    I’ve just caught up here.
    Glad little “pinky” is fine. Poor little dear.
    I was laughing a bit when hubs said “she’s fine”. Dads!
    Sometimes they just can’t seem to grasp it.
    Love all you new thingies from Ikea.
    Hey! They just opened a big, shiny, new, humongous one here. Want to come and have a look? I, too, love Ikea and get really turned off at snobby design people who think it’s cheap, etc. My old neighbour put her nose up at Ikea. Snoot!
    Ok I’ve gone on too much here.
    Love the photos and the nature hunt idea. How fun. I especially like the magnifying glass. Too cute that one!

  4. Elisa Says:

    Cate – the kids are so cute when they’re curious! Especially the little one… she’s A-DOOOOOORABLE! how cool that you’ve got a forest in your back yard!
    xoxox, Eli

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