IKEA Goodness…

In the last 2 weeks I have been to IKEA 6 (SIX) times. No, I do not think I have a problem, why do you ask? I went with my kids, with my husband and my kids, with my sister in law (she bought stuff too), with my daughter, by myself, and with my girlfriend, and I’d go with you too if you asked. I bought the 2 rugs that I set side by side (stole that idea from their showrooms), the Pello chair, and the Ektorp Jennylund chair because after 7 1/2 years of marriage, 2 addresses, and 2 children later, we are DONE with hand me down living room furniture!!!!! Yippeee!!!

Don’t you just love the strange names IKEA gives all their furniture? Ektorp. Poang. I love it. We also bought a new couch that should be delivered within the next 2 weeks (hopefully–though it’s not from IKEA). That 6-8 week wait is just about killing me, I know, poor me.

I’ve been thinking about why I love IKEA so much, and I realized it’s not because they pump happy gas from their vents, well, actually, they might, but it’s because I can afford everything there. Seriously!! It is the affordable store for the average middle class family. That makes me very, very happy 🙂 Not that I need everything they sell, but I’m glad I can buy it there if I need it. Load off my mind, I tell ya. Their stuff is just so cool and pretty. Maybe I can get a job there? I can be their tester. I would test all their products, and I’d do it for free!!!! I should not be a cashier because I know I would exam everything people are buying, and then I’d ask them what aisle they found it in, and then I’d jump over the counter to go grab myself one. That would make some people angry. So I’ll just stick to being a tester.


3 Responses to “IKEA Goodness…”

  1. Eli Says:

    FAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS! it’s lovely Cate!! and ps – Ektorp is a city in Sweden. i thought everybody knew that! 😉

  2. catebrook Says:

    Ektorp is a city? Well of course it is!! Now what is GRUNDTAL? It’s what they call their toilet paper holder, but now I’m wondering what they named it after. Maybe it really means toilet paper holder?

  3. Kat Says:

    well… you know that I will gladly accompany you on your 7th trip if need be.

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