Pink is her color

Well, we had an exciting weekend! How was yours? Not to brag, but I bet ours was much more fun. You see, around 2pm on Saturday, my 2 year old daughter fell off the ramp part of our swing set. She didn’t fall far. Only about 4 FEET!!!! My husband didn’t realize that he should have been helping her on the ramp. He’s only 37 and he’s still learning.

I came home from the grocery store about 10 minutes after it happened and I KNEW something was wrong. This kid doesn’t cry longer than 20 seconds after she gets hurt. I felt her elbow and it felt weird to me. Her father thought it felt fine. I took off her shirt and could clearly see that her bone was not where it should have been. Her father said she was fine. I took her to the ER.

X-rays revealed that she broke her elbow so they took us by ambulance to Children’s Hospital in Boston. Can I just tell you how great they are there? LOVE THEM. They gave her a stuffed giraffe, books, and a balloon. And believe me when I tell you she wasn’t that nice to them. She kept saying, “I don’t like doctors!!! I want to go home!!!!” I have no idea where she gets it from. (Shut up you in the back). Then they did surgery to reset her elbow using 2 pins and put a pink cast on. Yes, she chose the color. She did great! We had to stay overnight for observation, and we came home yesterday morning.


2 Responses to “Pink is her color”

  1. Kat Says:

    Oh the poor little dear!!!! What a trooper!

  2. Eli Says:

    lol…”he’s 37 and still learning” … you should test him every now and then… set up play ground drills and that sorta stuff ya know?! ur family is so hilarious, it’s a pity we’re so far! but thanks to this blog i get to get a peek of what it’s like for a fraction of the ordinary day…. i need to make my way over there someday… miss yas! xoxoxo

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