Read at your own risk.

My kids are lovely, sweet, good, funny, happy children.  But they are also obnoxious (interpret anyway you want). 

Since last Sunday, I have only worked one day this very long week, and I am not scheduled to go back in until Wed, the 19th.  If I make it until that day.

Stay at home mothers seriously need to bottle their patience and give me some of it.  I cannot play another round of ANYTHING!!!!  I do not want to play anymore.  I just want to sit on the couch with my legs up and a bunch of fuzzy blankets piled up on me and watch TV.  

I do not want to break up anymore fights between a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old.  I do not want to tell anyone NOT to touch the Easter eggs!!! one more time!!!   I do not feel like doing laundry, and I know I have mentioned before my HATRED of cooking.  I.HATE.COOKING.  HATE!!!!!!!!!   I want that on a bumper sticker.

OK, I have to put on a load of laundry now, then start dinner, and then take the kids outside to play.  TTYL.


2 Responses to “Read at your own risk.”

  1. cheeky Says:

    You crack me up! You should get a bumper sticker.
    I love cooking it’s the rush to get everyone fed and do ALL the other stuff that makes it a task at times. If we were neighbours I’d cook for you. As long as you could offer me up something in return? Hah!
    I also don’ like repeating myself hundreds of times but I do because it takes that many times for it to sink into their young minds.

  2. eli Says:

    i’d cook for you too Cate! and btw, ur kids are too cute … of course, they’re not mine and i don’t have to deal with them as often as you do 🙂

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