Huge score

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Huge score the other day. I just can’t pass up any furniture that is in great condition. Unless of course, I decide I don’t like it. I found this chair near a dumpster. Actually there were 6 of them but only 3 were vinyl. I grabbed the best one.

Do you like it? It’s in the Danish Modern style from a company called Paoli. I’m guessing this is from the 1970s. Someone must have been redecorating their office space. It is so sturdy and I just love a free score! I put it in my son’s room because it looks kind of masculine to me.

Makes me happy.


One Response to “Huge score”

  1. cheeky Says:

    Oh Cate! Hi!
    You moved. I’ve been absent, if you hadn’t noticed from the wonderful world of blogging but hope to get back pronto.
    Love this find, and yes it does have a masculine feel. I love finding a home for things thrown out by someone else. Feels good.

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