This is my view

this is the view of my kitchen from where I sit at my computer.  I just love the colors.  The paper rings were done with my kids last week.  They had lots of fun making them because they got to use tape!  Lots and lots of tape!!  Tape ended up in quite a few places that day, let me tell you.198_9864.jpg


3 Responses to “This is my view”

  1. capello Says:

    dude. look at all the counter space. ::jealous::

  2. Catherine Says:

    Are your walls orange? Regardless, I LOVE the boldness of the color. I was so interested in the paint it took me a minute to notice the GIANT TREE outside your window. Nice view indeed.

  3. Catherine Says:

    That came out wrong… are your walls orange? If so, that’s awesome. Regardless I love the bold color. Amazing what one sentence will do 🙂

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