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What goes around comes around

February 28, 2008

When we moved into this house 2 years ago we knew some of the things we would be getting ourselves into. For instance, we knew that the 1970 decor would have to go. We also knew that all improvements, ahem, changes, would be done under the watchful eye of the previous owners (aka, my inlaws). What we didn’t realize that we should have just done the improvements without saying a word. Meaning, without laughing hysterically with our friends, other family members, and the construction workers, at the wood paneling and linoleum floors the previous owners lived with all the way into the 21st century. We shouldn’t have laughed at the pieces of gold shag carpet left behind, or the mauve paint on the walls, or the wrought iron inside the house. Yes. Wrought iron inside the house. We should have just done the improvements stating that now the house would be in our style, and left it at that. But because we didn’t, it has come back to haunt us. Peter discovered a leak in the basement coming from one of the heating pipes. A plumber, $200, a new pipe, and a huge hole in our improved dining room wall later, has left the previous owners laughing. It seems that the newly constructed wainscoting paneling caused the damage to the heating pipe. A nail went through the wainscoting and right into the pipe, causing the leak. Lesson learned. We will continue all other improvements in silence.
Learn from us, people.


Skip 34 and go straight to 35….

February 25, 2008

35 has got to be a better year!

The day I turned 34 (3 months ago), I started to fall apart at the seams. I developed acute colitis thanks to a stupid antibiotic. Because of that, I had to take another antibiotic to get rid of that, and then go in for a colonoscopy (which actually wasn’t bad at all. It was MUCH WORSE in my imagination) to make sure I didn’t have some tumor growing. Thankfully, I do not, so we can blame the stupid antibiotic for the colitis. The meds they gave me for the colonoscopy were wonderful. As soon as my husband drove me home, I slept for 2 and 1/2 hours!!!! I may schedule one every few months, just for the nap time.

Now I have a double ear infection, going on day 10. My left ear has been clogged that long with fluid. The antibiotic I have been taking hasn’t touched it, though my right ear does feel better, and my conjunctivitis in my left eye cleared up. Yeah, I had that too. The doc won’t put me on a stronger antibiotic because we are both afraid of getting colitis again. SOOOOOOOOO, he said that if the fluid doesn’t drain in about 2 weeks, an ENT doctor has to stick a needle in my ear to drain it!!!!!

What fun!! Really. Who wants to be me?

My husband calls me Petri Dish. No one at work wants to sit near me (one even asked me not to attend a meeting because of the close quarters). I went anyway just to piss her off.

Fortunately, I am the only sick one in the house.

Hopefully I have already hit rock bottom for this year and things will begin to improve. After all, they say you get better with age.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

February 14, 2008

Have a wonderful day full of

valentines, and lots of chocolate, hugs and kisses.

*** the heart valentine in the center was sent to me last year by Britt-Arnhild. She knit the heart.

Vote Today!! (super Tuesday)

February 5, 2008

Did you vote today? Yes? Good.
No? You still have time. And yes, even if you are Independent, you still get to vote today.

Can you believe that women didn’t always have the right to vote?
Can you believe that some countries still don’t allow women to vote? Wonder what they’re afraid of. If I were married to a man like that, I bet HE’D be worried every single time he took a bite of the dinner I’d make. Just sayin’.

This morning

February 4, 2008

My son has had a brutal cough for a few days now. This morning I took him to the pediatrician just to make sure it wasn’t anything serious.
The doc came in and wanted to know exactly what was going on, so I explained my son’s symptoms. He was very serious. I told him that my son, nor anyone one else, got any sleep last night.

The doc said, “me neither.”

Me: “Oh, you’re sick, too?”

Doc: “No. The Patriots lost the SuperBowl last night.”

Me: (I nearly chocked laughing).

Saturday morning puppet show

February 4, 2008

The latest craze around here are puppet shows. They started Friday and have continued since. On Saturday, after a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes that my husband made, we all went into the living room and started our puppet show. The stage was a chair and ottoman draped in a blue quilt that Peter’s cousin made for us. Everyone had a turn and we all clapped wildly at the end of each “scene.”

It lasted for a good half hour with no commercial interruptions. The Oscars have nothing on these kids.