New Furniture

Our camera is in the middle of a slow, tortured death, so these pics stink, but I still wanted to try out some pics of our “new” dining room furniture.

We got it at an antique shop near us last week. It is from the 1930s. My mom has an almost identical set that she was giving to me. That is until I told her we were bringing down a truck to get it. Then she changed her mind. SIGH. Oh well, I wasn’t going to throw myself on the floor and bang my fists and feet on the floor like my daughter does, so instead I went furniture shopping. I was totally thrilled when I found this set. It’s gorgeous, and very sturdy, but the wood is scratched in a few places. I think it gives it more character.

Peter and I were happy to finally unpack our china that has been stored in boxes since we got married, over 7 years ago. HA! Now we need an appropriate table and some curtains for the windows, a new light fixture, and the dining room will be done! Hope it gets done in less than 7 years. I’m trying to break our record.


2 Responses to “New Furniture”

  1. Felicia Says:

    What beautiful pieces 🙂

  2. eLí Says:

    you mean it’s NOT ur mom’s furniture? lol… I’m glad you’re so happy with it and all its character-giving scratches. Will you say the same if your son scratches it too? “Oh don’t worry darling, it gives it ‘character’!” …i can’t wait to hear it!

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