A happy mother

I know a very selfless, wonderful, mother that I “met” through the world of blogging. She is the mother of 8 children, the youngest who is currently residing in China, but will soon join this terrific family in Georgia! (I guess they’re not New England Patriots fans. Well, they could be.)

Her name is Stefanie and she is running a raffle to raise money to get her youngest son home. I think it takes a very special family to share their lives with children they truly believe were placed in their path for a purpose, and I don’t mind helping them out in a tiny way one bit!

The prize is a Canon Rebel XTI camera, and tickets are $10 a piece. Isn’t it amazing that my camera is dying a slow tortured death as I type this? But, I know everyone is entitled a chance to win a new camera, so go for it!

You will find the link to the raffle on the right side bar. It took me a while to spot it. I know, I’m a little slow sometimes 😉


One Response to “A happy mother”

  1. ChrisandStefanie Says:

    Hey, I know that lady!! You sure make her sound GOOD! 😉
    Thanks SO much, Cate, for posting about our raffle here on your blog 🙂 And you are SO right, it IS amazing that your camera is in desperate need of a replacement right NOW!!

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