I’m pretty sure they heard me on the moon

Some days are just shit.
I was in the shower this morning for 28 seconds when my almost 2 year old rushes in and says “I gotta use the potty!”
I had shampoo in my hair, so I told her to hold it for a minute. She says OK, and proceeds to pee a puddle the size of Texas on the bathroom floor.
I was rinsing my hair when she says, “Uh oh, I did poops.” WHAT?!!!!
I opened the shower curtain to see the unbelievable amount of pee on the floor and she walks out!
Did I mention that I have a cold and have lost my voice? But I dug deep to the very bottom of my lungs and screamed her name AND banged on the bathroom door for good measure.
I said,” You get right back in here and DON’T MOVE.”
She did. I finished my shower, because at that point, why not? All the while swearing like a truck driver that I can’t even take a shower around here and her brother never did anything like this and I sure as hell will be living with him when I get old because God only knows what she will put me through and that her part of the will just got smaller…….etc.
So I got out of the shower, threw on some clothes and gave her a shower because she was SOAKED in pee.
Who knew the bladder of a two year old could hold so much?

I’m going to make a fresh pot of coffee now.


6 Responses to “I’m pretty sure they heard me on the moon”

  1. Rachel Says:

    um, yeah. I’ve been there lady. We only have one bathroom, and my oldest runs in insisting she has to pee the minute I sit down. Ugh.

  2. cheeky Says:

    oh noooooo……… dear.
    remember your little darling is a sponge too. i don’t want to hear anymore cursing, as she will be repeating it. of course, at the most opportune times to embarrass you, say in public!
    take care of you.

  3. Britt-Arnhild Says:

    You deserve a HUGE pot of coffee 🙂 And alot of chocolate as well.

  4. eLí Says:

    HAUHAAHAHHAAA… i love that girl. cheeky’s right tho… i’m not so sure you want to expand your 2 year old’s vocabulary THAT much… i freekin love it.

  5. Tori Says:

    Oh and I thought I had occasional trouble with a dog. Geez nothing like cleaning up messes first thing in the morning.

  6. Nadine Says:

    I’m sorry. If I were you I would say I need more than coffee…maybe chocolate…maybe wine.

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