Please leave a message at the tone….

Good morning All!
I just wanted to share that I will be going to IKEA today. BY MYSELF. My mother in law is coming over to watch the kids. I really don’t need anything, but my eyes just like to dance over all the pretty-put-it-together-yourself things. And that I get to go ALONE so that I can actually look and touch all the things that I want to, instead of hanging out in the children’s department most of the time, is just priceless.
It really doesn’t take much to make me happy. I love that Swedish company.


2 Responses to “Please leave a message at the tone….”

  1. cheeky Says:

    I also love that Swedish Company. In fact, I visited one last week and ate a meatball plate while I was there.
    I think a lot of people put their nose up in the air about IKEA. I don’t know why? I always manage to find things in there I think are just down right smart, practical and priced accordingly so.

  2. ~Kat~ Says:

    I *heart* IKEA as well and could hardly believe our luck when it hit the Boston area! Now it’s only about 30 minutes from me…
    I never ever ever bring my children. The fact that they have an on-site medical staff scares the crap out of me. I’ve seen that medical team running from one end of the store to the other toting their huge emergency kit!
    Actually, you just made me think of a good date night with my husband! Hitting Ikea… childless.

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