Fall Clean-up

We have been busy around here! The kids and I (mostly I) have been cleaning up the play area. I have concluded that they have WAY too many toys. So yesterday, we went to IKEA (I love IKEA) to buy these cute bookcases for some of their toys. We went through all the toys carefully and donated a tote full of toys they no longer play with. Only one tote. I feel like I’m digging a hole in water, because we are still drowning in toys. ***SIGH*** back to the drawing board. Unfortunately now I have to work under the cover of darkness (aka: when they are asleep) in order to get rid of some more toys. I have to work fast because in the span of 6 weeks, it will be my daughter’s 2nd birthday, Christmas, and my son’s 4th birthday. My house can only accomodate so much IKEA shelving. Not to mention the extra money it would cost to buy extra shelving. Is anyone else drowning in toys? BTW, most of their toys are gifts!


2 Responses to “Fall Clean-up”

  1. Britt-Arnhild Says:

    I wish to be a kid again and get toys for my birthday…..

  2. cheeky Says:

    Hi Cate!

    As always, your posts make me laugh.

    Doing it while they sleep is the best and only way to really make any progress. They won’t even notice because they have so much stuff.

    Please send me an email so I have an email contact for you. You can find mine on my blog.

    xo cheeky

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