Yesterday was Blog Action Day

And I missed it because I’ve been away from the computer, and I have never heard of it. But thanks to Alicia, I’m joining in a day late, but I’m sure that doesn’t matter. Blog Action Day was essentially “environmental day” for the blog world.
My husband and I really try to live green, much more so now that we have kids and realize what they may be left with, or left without. We just started composting a few weeks ago, and I have been pleasantly surprised that it is very easy to do.
Alicia at her blog, The MayFly, made an excellent point that people should, and I quote: “consider returning to a simpler, less materialistic lifestyle.” Ooohhh, I’m trying.
Go visit Blog Action Day. They have great links such as Tree Hugger that has an awesome section on “How To Go Green.” I especially like their How to Green Your Kids Toy’s section.
Now go and be more green.


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