Frogs and Snails….

You see this beautiful boy? Doesn’t he look angelic?

Actually he is a destroyer. No, not really. Some people might say he’s a mechanic in training, but these are just words. You see, everything he can get his little toddler hands on, he takes apart. Wants to see how EVERYTHING works. My alarm clock that I have had since the beginning of 7th grade? He took it apart in about 3 seconds. I still can’t get it to work now.
Last night I went to turn on his night light, and it wasn’t there. Again. This time he completely took it apart, the light bulb no longer works, and I can’t find the glass cover anywhere.
The first day he got his kaleidascope (from China town in San Fran) he almost broke it trying to open it before my husband took it out of his hands.
Nothing is safe around here, or anywhere. My sister in law in California wondered aloud why her washing machine sounded strange. I told her to check all the controls because it sounded like one of my kids (the boy) had been playing with them. I was right.
He is constantly pressing buttons and turning knobs. One of these days my car battery will be drained because he always turns on the interior lights that are not always visible in the day time. And we’re constantly checking the refrigerator because he turns the temperature controls to coldest which ends up freezing everything in it.
But he’s the best boy and we wouldn’t want him any other way.


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