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Fall Clean-up

October 28, 2007

We have been busy around here! The kids and I (mostly I) have been cleaning up the play area. I have concluded that they have WAY too many toys. So yesterday, we went to IKEA (I love IKEA) to buy these cute bookcases for some of their toys. We went through all the toys carefully and donated a tote full of toys they no longer play with. Only one tote. I feel like I’m digging a hole in water, because we are still drowning in toys. ***SIGH*** back to the drawing board. Unfortunately now I have to work under the cover of darkness (aka: when they are asleep) in order to get rid of some more toys. I have to work fast because in the span of 6 weeks, it will be my daughter’s 2nd birthday, Christmas, and my son’s 4th birthday. My house can only accomodate so much IKEA shelving. Not to mention the extra money it would cost to buy extra shelving. Is anyone else drowning in toys? BTW, most of their toys are gifts!


Finally….the AFTER pictures

October 23, 2007

Our wonderful carpenter finished his work at the end of the summer, and we are SO incredibly happy with it!!!! He told us the room wouldn’t even look like the same house when he was finished doing everything we were asking of him, and we told him that was the whole point. He was here so much this summer doing this project and some other projects around our house that my daughter has officially started calling him “Uncle Mike.”

Can’t wait to finish decorating!! (now we need some furniture;)
*****Before pic can be found here.

Thank You, Britt-Arnhild!!!!!

October 21, 2007

The wonderful Britt-Arnhild gave me and 3 other awesome bloggers a You Make Me Smile Award. In reality it is her blog that makes me smile. She always has something beautiful to say about her days, whether it includes her children, her work, travels in Italy, her lovely town in Norway, or even dinner! I am lucky to have found her!!!!!

The last 2 mornings:

October 18, 2007

Yesterday on my drive to work, I stopped at a favorite coffee shop and ordered a large cup of hot coffee with 1 sugar and some milk. I also bought a piece of their fabulous pound cake with chocolate icing. MMmmmmmmm. Since it was only 37 degrees F, I turned the heat on in the car and happily drove on, listening to my music. Once I parked, I reached into my jacket pocket and found 2 dollars! I LOVE that!

This morning, I baked a chocolate Happy Halloween cake with my kids. It was not as fun as it sounds. I had to change my daughter’s clothes twice, there is a piece of egg shell somewhere in that gorgeous cake, not all the egg actually made it into the cake, and my son asked me about 50 times, when is the cake going to be ready? I tried taking a pic of the cake and kids before we dove into it, but my camera batteries died.
Oh well. The cake tastes great, though!

And those were my last 2 mornings.

Yesterday was Blog Action Day

October 16, 2007

And I missed it because I’ve been away from the computer, and I have never heard of it. But thanks to Alicia, I’m joining in a day late, but I’m sure that doesn’t matter. Blog Action Day was essentially “environmental day” for the blog world.
My husband and I really try to live green, much more so now that we have kids and realize what they may be left with, or left without. We just started composting a few weeks ago, and I have been pleasantly surprised that it is very easy to do.
Alicia at her blog, The MayFly, made an excellent point that people should, and I quote: “consider returning to a simpler, less materialistic lifestyle.” Ooohhh, I’m trying.
Go visit Blog Action Day. They have great links such as Tree Hugger that has an awesome section on “How To Go Green.” I especially like their How to Green Your Kids Toy’s section.
Now go and be more green.

She can’t wait for her turn

October 11, 2007

At noon I took my son to school. My daughter was with us, all dressed up, her Tinker Bell back pack included, wanting to go to school, too. She truly wanted to stay. She pulled away from me and tried to go after her brother, but I had to keep her back. I felt so bad for her!! She looked at the teacher with a hopeful look on her face that maybe she could stay. But we had to leave. The teacher told her that soon she will be big enough and can stay. My daughter was so sad!
But it’s true. Soon she will be big enough to stay. Next year in fact. The time is going too fast. I feel like she was just born and I was stepping over her while she slept in her bouncey seat. She’s not the only one who is sad. These babies grow so fast!

More bits of wisdom

October 11, 2007

When you are jet-lagged and your boss calls in the morning to see if you can fill in an evening shift because someone has called in, don’t say yes. Just don’t do it. No matter how easy that shift will be (and last night was easy). Because if it means you won’t get home until 1130 pm, and you won’t get to bed until 1215am, and then your kids wake up at 7am, NO amount of coffee will be enough to wake you. You will suffer and drag your sorry self from here to there, and your children will sound louder than they really are.
Let someone else fill in the shift.
Lesson learned.
I hope this helps someone.

Free advice from me to you.

October 9, 2007

When you are in the kitchen, making dinner and talking to your sister in law on the phone, DO NOT let your 3 1/2 year old and your 22 month old run upstairs to “play.”
BECAUSE, if they do, they will pull out the sliding closet doors from the spare bedroom. Then you will have to tell your husband that HIS sister should not be phoning you while you are making dinner. Because clearly, it is all her fault.
I hope this helps someone.

Frogs and Snails….

October 9, 2007

You see this beautiful boy? Doesn’t he look angelic?

Actually he is a destroyer. No, not really. Some people might say he’s a mechanic in training, but these are just words. You see, everything he can get his little toddler hands on, he takes apart. Wants to see how EVERYTHING works. My alarm clock that I have had since the beginning of 7th grade? He took it apart in about 3 seconds. I still can’t get it to work now.
Last night I went to turn on his night light, and it wasn’t there. Again. This time he completely took it apart, the light bulb no longer works, and I can’t find the glass cover anywhere.
The first day he got his kaleidascope (from China town in San Fran) he almost broke it trying to open it before my husband took it out of his hands.
Nothing is safe around here, or anywhere. My sister in law in California wondered aloud why her washing machine sounded strange. I told her to check all the controls because it sounded like one of my kids (the boy) had been playing with them. I was right.
He is constantly pressing buttons and turning knobs. One of these days my car battery will be drained because he always turns on the interior lights that are not always visible in the day time. And we’re constantly checking the refrigerator because he turns the temperature controls to coldest which ends up freezing everything in it.
But he’s the best boy and we wouldn’t want him any other way.

A Long Shot

October 8, 2007
This is a long shot, I know. But last week on Stefanie’s blog I found that if enough people pray for a child, then something great will happen. This baby has been profiled on Rainbow kids for almost a month, and she is still waiting for a family. As you can see, she is missing an eye, and also has some other health issues. I would adopt her in a micro second if my husband agreed, but anyway, whoever is reading this, would you please pray tonight that this beautiful girl will find a wonderful family who will love her, make her happy, and provide her with the medical care she needs? Thanks. It’s a long shot, I know, but just pray please. BTW, her child ID # is 207-37.
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