Look what I found

I had to go to the town dump on Saturday. There is an area where people drop off usable items that someone else may pick up. For free. Look what I found. It’s a Combi Savvy stroller. Excellent condition and of course I had to take it home with me. I gave it a good scrubbing, even though it barely needed it, and a thread on the seat cushion is pulled, but I can easily fix it. My daughter LOVES it. We’ve already used it a couple of times this weekend.
Now I can feel good about giving one of my other ones away.
BTW, on Sunday, I dropped off one of my other strollers to the same area. Hopefully someone can use that one.
This Combi is so light and easy to push! LOVE IT! Happy happy find 🙂


One Response to “Look what I found”

  1. ~Kat~ Says:

    OMG our town dump is a treasure trove too! Not to mention that we live in a wicked wealthy “sea-side” town south of Boston where if these people get a nick, scrape or scratch on something- it’s trash. Unbelievable!

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