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Boys LOVE trucks

August 30, 2007

My son was so happy to be driving from our backyard to our front yard with my husband in a friends borrowed truck. Look at that smile. Priceless.


Here I am 8 days later.

August 24, 2007

After my last post when I swore I would sell my kids to the gypsys, we had the best 4 days in a row. No kidding. They were great, and we had fun, and still today, they are pretty good.

I’ve been missing from this blog because I’ve been reading. Yes. I read 2 books, one of which I thought was awesome (Forever Lily, by Beth Nonte Russell) and another that I thought was pretty good (Family History, by Dani Shapiro).

But now I’m back so I need to catch up with all my blogging peeps.

It’s 830am. Do you Know what I’m thinking about?

August 16, 2007

I’m thinking that in 23 hours and 45 minutes I will be at work. No kids.
Yeah, it’s that kind of morning.

It’s 853 am: does anyone want a whiny, crying, obnoxious, and loud 3 yr old?
No? Damn.

Rain boots and umbrella on a Monday afternoon

August 15, 2007

One Year Blogging and 100 things about me

August 14, 2007

Wow, I didn’t think I’d last this long blogging! To celebrate I decided to write 100 things about me because I’ve seen it on other blogs, and always thought it was fun.
So here it is:

1. I love chocolate
2. but I love coffee more.
3. I drive a Subaru Forrester
4. and the 2 car seats in the back make me happy.
5. Doing laundry is my favorite chore
6. and I think Tide is the best detergent
7. and Downy, the best softener.
8. I ALWAYS have Chapstick or lipgloss with me.
9. I love TV.
10. Favorite shows: Lost, Law and Order Special Victims Unit, House, and anything on Discovery Health channel.
11. I’ve been to Italy 3 times.
12. I’ve been to France once.
13. My favorite city is Florence, Italy.
14. I was born in Brooklyn, NY
15. I’m 33
16. I’m a Sagittarius
17. I have 2 sisters
18. I’m the oldest.
19. I rode my bike to work when I lived in Boston.
20. I’ve moved 8 times in my life.
21. This is the first single family home that I have ever lived in.
22. I love the rain.
23. Fall is my favorite season.
24. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
25. though, Halloween is great, too.
26. My favorite article of clothing is my green fleece pullover.
27. I hatehatehate summer.
28. I sing to my kids every day.
29. I love playing T ball with my son.
30. I love to dance with my daughter.
31. I’m not afraid of heights
32. and I HAVE TO have a window seat on an airplane.
33. I would like an iphone
34. but it’s not gonna happen.
35. I rarely use my cell phone.
36. I’ve had 2 c-sections.
37. The first one was an emergency.
38. I had PPD
39. and used an SSRI to help get through it
40. so Tom Cruise can just kiss my ass.
41. I met my husband in college.
42. he was in my class.
43. He asked me out on my 22nd birthday.
44. We’re in the same profession
45. except I do it part time
46. because I’m a Mom.
47. Which is a much harder job
48. that I don’t have a degree in (clearly).
49. Blue is my favorite color
50. but I like orange, too.
51. I hate to cook
52. but I hate take out even more.
53. So I try new recipes often, hoping that I’ll change my mind.
54. Plus, I really want my kids to eat healthy.
55. I try to live “green.”
56. I recycle
57. and I just bought totes for my grocery shopping.
58. I’m bilingual.
59. English is my second language.
60. When I don’t want my husband to understand what I’m saying, I speak to our kids in Italian. (Haha!! They’re bilingual, too!)
61. English and chemistry were my best subjects in school.
62. Physics was my worst.
63. One of my favorite books is The Great Gatsby.
64. I love to read books.
65. I used to lie to my mother and tell her I had to read a book for school so I wouldn’t have to do chores.
66. It usually worked.
67. I climbed Mt Washington once.
68. That was enough.
69. I skied once.
70. That was enough, too.
71. I’d rather swim in the ocean.
72. I don’t like alcohol much
73. but Smirnoff Ice Green Apple is REALLY good.
74. I want to go to Puerto Rico
75. but my husband doesn’t want to.
76. So on our way home from our last trip I chose an indirect flight with a lay over in San Juan 🙂
77. Then I bought souvenirs at the airport that say “Puerto Rico” (that made him nuts) 🙂
78. I love wearing high heels and dresses
79. but I’m usually in pants, a T-shirt, and flip flops.
80. I want to give my kids what I didn’t have
81. without spoiling them.
82. I HATE peas.
84. My local health food store is my new favorite store.
85. But my legs automatically take me to Old Navy every time I’m in the mall.
86. Really.
87. I’d love to visit an American Indian reservation
88. because I find the people who live there to be fascinating.
89. You’ve Got Mail is my favorite movie.
90. The last movie I saw at the theater was in 2004 (the year my son was born).
91. I don’t think I have the attention span needed to sit and watch something for that long anymore.
92. I’d like to grow our family
93. but I never want to be pregnant again
94. or deal with a newborn again.
96. So I hope we adopt one day.
97. Cereal with milk is my favorite snack.
98. Cornflakes with fresh blueberries are the best
99. or may be Cherrios and blueberries are the best?
100. I spend too much time on the internet 😉

Ta Da! Good thing it was only 100 things, because I could go on.


August 7, 2007

We went camping today in the family room. No bugs. No heat. Indoor plumbing and AC. What more could you ask for?
I completely forgot that we had this tent that I bought a couple of years ago for the beach. But my son was exploring in his closet this morning and found it.
Lots and lots of fun, and then he fell asleep in it.

Don’t you wish you were 3 again?

And we have a swimmer!!!!

August 5, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine has done it. She started swimming by herself on Friday, much to her and our, happiness!
She’s been practicing all summer long, alongside her big brother, wearing a swimsuit with floaties in it.

Success at 19.5 months!! Happy happy Girl!


August 4, 2007

I came home from work yesterday and found my husband, the kids, my sister in law and her kids in the pool. Of course I joined. (I hate summer–just an FYI, has nothing to do with this story).

My son is so excited he can barely wait to tell me:
“Mommy! Mommy! We saw Angelina today! She was sleeping!”

Me: blood withdrawing from my face:
“Oh, that’s great.”

Translation: “We saw a dead mouse.”
Thankfully it was across the street at the neighbors house.