It’s better than I remember

For years now, YEARS, I have disliked summer to the point of absolutely hating it and reminding my husband practically on a daily basis that we will be moving to Iceland or Canada when we retire. Because, my friends, that is how much I despise the heat. And don’t even get me started on humidity!

When I was a kid, it was a no brainer. Summertime ruled. It was all pool, beach, ice-pops, and playing outside with my sisters and our friends, blah, blah, blah.

Then my 20s arrived. It was all college, studying, exams, getting married, job, and 2 weeks vacation a year. The only thing I noticed about summer was just how damn hot it was.

Until now. I’m in my 30s and I have kids. You know what I did today? I spent a half hour in the pool with my son while my daughter napped. I walked the kids over to the brook (yes, there actually is one around here, hence the title of my blog) to check out the water level. Then we ate ice cream. Never mind that my son told me it tasted like toothpaste (mint chocolate chip happens to be one of my favorites, OK?) Two days ago I ran in the sprinkler with him for 45 minutes, and then we went to the beach and made sand castles and hunted for rocks to take home to show their Dad. How cool is that?

I can actually say that I’m liking summer again. I have to go play outside now. Bye!


One Response to “It’s better than I remember”

  1. Britt-Arnhild Says:

    And if is gets too hot and humid you can always come to Norway…..

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