And now I’ll need to call Chris Hansen……..

You know Chris Hansen? The journalist from Dateline who does the “To Catch a Predator” stories? Yeah, him. I just might need to call him. I think I’m being stalked by My Space!!!!!! I know, it’s crazy, and this only happens on TV, but whatevs.
The first time I ever heard of My Space was about 3 years ago on Dateline. Meaning that all I knew about it was what Hansen had to say: that it’s a blog- like site for teenagers, and pedophiles. That’s all I knew. Imagine my SHOCK a few months later when I learned my 38 yr old brother in law had a page. I nearly keeled over. (for the record, his page is harmless, just an ad really for his music).
Anyway, fast forward to 2 weeks ago. I knew someone had a page on My Space, but in order to access that particular page, I needed my own account, so I typed in my name and email, and I was ready to go. I did NOT set up a page; I already have a blog thankyouverymuch. But guess what???? Ever since then, I have been getting emails that (hooker-sounding name) wants to be my friend. What the heck???? What do I do? I’ve already tried going back to My Space and delete my info, but I can’t find a place to do that!! I’ll have to notify customer service. And if that doesn’t work, then “Brandy” will be getting a visit from Chris Hansen.
Today someone named “Happy” wanted to be “my friend.” Excuse Me?????

**if you can’t find me, it’s because I’ll be in the Witness Protection Program.
***Update: I canceled my account!!! that should be the end of this.


One Response to “And now I’ll need to call Chris Hansen……..”

  1. Tori Says:

    Scary…is there an administrator contact for My Space?
    It seems like you could should be able to get your info off somehow!
    Hang in there!

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