2 Thumbs down

My son went to see his first official movie on Tuesday with his grandparents. They watched Ratatouille. Peter and I knew he wasn’t ready, but they really wanted to take him. OK.
Well of course my son, being 3, had some issues. First, he was missing me, second, the movie was too loud, and he wanted to know how to turn down the volume. Third, they turned off the lights!! Those scoundrels! And last but not least, his grandfather bought him pop corn. He does not like pop corn.
Yeah, I think we’re safe for about a year.


One Response to “2 Thumbs down”

  1. Bohemian Mom Says:

    Awww…my daughter just saw (& loved) that movie. But she’s 11 now.
    Her first time was the same… too over-stimulating… too loud, too big and yes, certainly wasn’t ready to sit there in complete darkness for a even a second.
    Maybe he’ll be ready next year!

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