Heads or tails?

If you had to choose one of these options, which would it be?

a. Have a huge birthday bash for your 35th birthday
b. Wait one more year and escape to the Caribbean with your husband for your 10th anniversary (your kids will be fine without you for a week)

I know it’s early since I’m still 33, but I was supposed to have a huge birthday bash when I turned 30. But it didn’t happen. So I’m due. Since I was about 17 I pictured turning 30 would be the biggest deal in my life and that I would have a party with family and friends, and there would be a band, and lots of wine, and a cake that looked a hell of a lot like a wedding cake…. and then that would be the end of my life, because at seventeen, 30 is not only old, but you’re practically a senior citizen, and who wants to get any older than that?!

Well, I had to let go of any 30th birthday fantasies because I was almost 8 months pregnant and on bed rest, which is no where near as great as it sounds, but I did have a cake. An ice cream cake. I hate ice cream cake. (Huge sigh here).

So, now, do I have a big 35th birthday to make up for my 30th, or do I go away to an island with my husband the following year for our 10th anniversary?
No, no, doing both is highly unlikely. We have 2 kids. They’ll be in kindergarten and nursery school, and the schedules will just be too crazy to attempt to do something big two years in a row.

**once again, I’ve just startled myself with what little I actually have to worry about. I feel like Paris Hilton. No, actually I do have stuff to worry about, but this little blog is just not the place I choose to worry at.

Oh, if I get to turn 40 (which I better because my kids need me) I WILL have another huge birthday bash. I’ll be renting a hall for that one.


3 Responses to “Heads or tails?”

  1. edj Says:

    I would hold out for a cruise πŸ™‚ Or a big bash for 34. Or a big bash for 40. Just celebrate it all! πŸ™‚

  2. cheeky Says:

    Em, I don’t see why you can’t have your cake and the caribbean too?
    You deserve a party and you both deserve a holiday for your tenth, c’mon! You’re right, your kids will be just fine without you for one week and the party is only one day. I say plan it so you can do both. They both mark significant and important milestones.

  3. emily Says:

    birthday bash! i want to plan it for you….OK….at the PARK PLAZA HOTEL…..australian theme….shrimp on the barbie…..MUDSLIDES….a dog that juggles…..a fountain of YOUTH…..and presents that you don’t like so you’ll give them all to me.
    i’ll be 35 in a month! you can have the above party for me if you’d like. ha ha!

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