Because I am more like Paris Hilton than I care to admit.

Frivolous things I wish for:

  1. That my kids will sleep past 5:12 am
  2. That I will wake up and have my 15 year old body back
  3. That I will have good hair more often than 1 or 2 days a month
  4. That I will get “real” mail every day. It’s pathetic that I want to kiss the mailman when he delivers my magazines.
  5. That my pool was heated
  6. That someone will design a really cool sports car that will hold 2 car seats and have space for a stroller. That way, when I pull up to a light and I’m singing “I’m bringing sexy back,” the moment won’t be ruined by my station wagon.

Ok, enough of this. I have to finish my laundry while the 2 kiddies are still napping.

***edited to add: Line 6 sounds familiar to me. I can’t remember if I heard it or read it. Maybe not. If I accidentally took it from someone, let me know.


One Response to “Because I am more like Paris Hilton than I care to admit.”

  1. cheeky Says:

    You crack me up!
    If you were worried what shoes to wear with you $10,000 handbag, then I might be worried you were like her.
    I sleep one is enough to make anyone a bit nutty, or me anyway!

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