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It’s already good. Now if I can just keep it that way.

July 30, 2007

They were in the family room watching a Laurie Berkner DVD. I made my move. As quietly as I could, I snuck upstairs, turned on the shower and held my breath. They were still watching the dvd. Neither of them noticed I wasn’t within 2 feet of them. HA! I got in the shower and washed my hair first. If I could just get through washing my hair without any interruptions, I consider it a good shower. Then I conditioned my hair, washed all other body parts, and then because no one was coming in demanding I sing The Wheels on the Bus while I was showering, I got brave. I Shaved My Legs. This is an awesome shower day. I shaved one leg, then the other, and still I was alone. Unbelievably, I got through my entire shower without a small child bothering me!!!! AAahhh….bliss.
And then because I didn’t want my good fortune to end, we went shopping for a dress that I can wear to the Christening this weekend. What the hell was I thinking?! If I had thought about it, even for 1 minute, I would have realized that would have killed my good mood. Oh well, I’m just not that bright sometimes. Seriously. Shopping? For a dress? I forgot that I’m not talking to my body right now. Sigh, but at least I painted my toenails before we went, and they look good!
See? Silver lining.
***I scored 2 T-shirts (I live in T-shirts) and a pair of capris at Old Navy. Oh, how I love Old Navy. I have way too many outfits from that store. I spied an amazing pull over “for my husband” but in reality he’d never get to wear it. I’ll always come up with an excuse to put it on. Now I’ll have to go back and get it.
I’ll just have to keep this good day going.


Just looking at these photos cools me off

July 27, 2007

My 3 yr old has 2 more swim classes left this year. He has progressed so much since the beginning of the summer, thanks mostly to my husband who has taken him into our pool almost every single day to practice what his instructor has taught him.
This is his instructor. She is so great with the kids (she has 4 of her own). She’s one of those people you want to fold up, put in your purse, and take home with you. I’m already looking forward to seeing her next year. She’ll be teaching my daughter then, too.

Anyone considering adoption, or know anyone who is

July 25, 2007

Then send them here.

BFSG Florida Getaway

July 19, 2007

My girlfriends and I are going on a trip in October, or September, thanks to D* (one of the highly esteemed BFSG Women). Her Dad owns a condo on the beach somewhere in Florida. I have no idea where, but it’s on the beach so that narrows it down. Now, not that I’m jumping the gun or anything, but I CAN’T wait. I bought a new swim suit today. 35% off original price, go me! Don’t ask me what size because I had no idea– where was this made?– Mexico– I had no idea Mexico had this much fabric. Apparently they do. But it’s pretty and it’s mine.
We’re not going for long, just a weekend. But it’s BY OURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No kids, no husbands allowed. That’s the rule and we are rule followers. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to stay up past 9pm, and sleep in. And by sleeping in, I mean anything after 5:12 am. (My kids are rotten!)
I’ll also need to go shopping for some clothes and shoes because nothing I currently own is pretty enough for the BFSG Florida Getaway. That’s right, not a thing. I’ll have to pack an extra bag too because I plan on being a shameless tourist and buying my kids every t-shirt and pull over I can get my hands on, and an alligator. Just kidding! Those rodents better not get anywhere near me. And I’ll get something for the husband, too. He’s nice.
Oh, I can’t wait!!!!!
I’ll be mentioning this trip periodically because I don’t want to forget that I’m going or anything.


July 17, 2007

Today I saw the first traces that Fall (MY.FAVORITE.SEASON.EVER)is on its way!!!!!!

  • 2 pine cones on the lawn
  • tons of tiny baby acorns scattered everywhere
  • Fall catalog of LL Bean has arrived (late because somehow they have my address down as my inlaws-whatevs)
  • HomeGoods has Halloween stuff for sale already

I am happyhappyhappy!!!!!! (just imagine me doing cartwheels here) (no, don’t imagine me crashing my head into the pavement as I do a cartwheel, thankyouverymuch)

New Bedspread

July 16, 2007

New cowboy duvet cover for my son’s bed: $ 18

Unexpected play-date jumping, singing, and reading books with my kids, with both night lights turned on, on the new duvet cover: Priceless

It’s better than I remember

July 14, 2007

For years now, YEARS, I have disliked summer to the point of absolutely hating it and reminding my husband practically on a daily basis that we will be moving to Iceland or Canada when we retire. Because, my friends, that is how much I despise the heat. And don’t even get me started on humidity!

When I was a kid, it was a no brainer. Summertime ruled. It was all pool, beach, ice-pops, and playing outside with my sisters and our friends, blah, blah, blah.

Then my 20s arrived. It was all college, studying, exams, getting married, job, and 2 weeks vacation a year. The only thing I noticed about summer was just how damn hot it was.

Until now. I’m in my 30s and I have kids. You know what I did today? I spent a half hour in the pool with my son while my daughter napped. I walked the kids over to the brook (yes, there actually is one around here, hence the title of my blog) to check out the water level. Then we ate ice cream. Never mind that my son told me it tasted like toothpaste (mint chocolate chip happens to be one of my favorites, OK?) Two days ago I ran in the sprinkler with him for 45 minutes, and then we went to the beach and made sand castles and hunted for rocks to take home to show their Dad. How cool is that?

I can actually say that I’m liking summer again. I have to go play outside now. Bye!

A Perfect Summer Day in Pictures

July 14, 2007

And now I’ll need to call Chris Hansen……..

July 13, 2007

You know Chris Hansen? The journalist from Dateline who does the “To Catch a Predator” stories? Yeah, him. I just might need to call him. I think I’m being stalked by My Space!!!!!! I know, it’s crazy, and this only happens on TV, but whatevs.
The first time I ever heard of My Space was about 3 years ago on Dateline. Meaning that all I knew about it was what Hansen had to say: that it’s a blog- like site for teenagers, and pedophiles. That’s all I knew. Imagine my SHOCK a few months later when I learned my 38 yr old brother in law had a page. I nearly keeled over. (for the record, his page is harmless, just an ad really for his music).
Anyway, fast forward to 2 weeks ago. I knew someone had a page on My Space, but in order to access that particular page, I needed my own account, so I typed in my name and email, and I was ready to go. I did NOT set up a page; I already have a blog thankyouverymuch. But guess what???? Ever since then, I have been getting emails that (hooker-sounding name) wants to be my friend. What the heck???? What do I do? I’ve already tried going back to My Space and delete my info, but I can’t find a place to do that!! I’ll have to notify customer service. And if that doesn’t work, then “Brandy” will be getting a visit from Chris Hansen.
Today someone named “Happy” wanted to be “my friend.” Excuse Me?????

**if you can’t find me, it’s because I’ll be in the Witness Protection Program.
***Update: I canceled my account!!! that should be the end of this.

2 Thumbs down

July 12, 2007

My son went to see his first official movie on Tuesday with his grandparents. They watched Ratatouille. Peter and I knew he wasn’t ready, but they really wanted to take him. OK.
Well of course my son, being 3, had some issues. First, he was missing me, second, the movie was too loud, and he wanted to know how to turn down the volume. Third, they turned off the lights!! Those scoundrels! And last but not least, his grandfather bought him pop corn. He does not like pop corn.
Yeah, I think we’re safe for about a year.