New York

We had a great time in NY (Long Island). I’m not really sure who had more fun, my kids or my parents. My father, who has Parkinsons’, climbed on the jungle gym with my kids! He never did that with me or my sisters when he was healthy, and now that he shakes, the jungle gym was calling his name. Whatevs.
I was worried about the drive down (about 4 hours each way) and back, but I made sure I had tons of snacks, books, and toys in the front passenger seat so that I could keep tossing stuff back to them. Fortunately they also slept part of the way.
My main problem was my daughter. Her teething timing is making me nuts. She woke up 2 -3 times each night we were there. UGH. Thank God for coffee.
My parents were thrilled when my son starting crying that he didn’t want to leave. You have never seen happier people in your life.
My son also wanted to make sure my parents wouldn’t get rid of the beds so that he could come back “very, very soon.”


One Response to “New York”

  1. Nadine Says:

    How sweet. It’s nice to have a good visit with family and the kids being excited makes it all the more special. Thanks for stopping by today.

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