Finally feeling the love….

We moved into our house on October 31, 2005. Yes, it was Halloween, and yes at least 20 kids plus their parents stopped by for candy/to spy on us new neighbors that night, and yes, I was about 8 1/2 months pregnant.
We bought the house from my in-laws after a couple of years searching for something we liked and could afford. My inlaws were downsizing to a 55 plus community and asked us if we would be interested in buying their house. Our first instinct was NO WAY!!!! We weren’t that crazy. The house needed a TON of work and we just didn’t think we could do it. Obviously, we ended up buying it when we realized that it was the only house in the school district we wanted that had hardwood floors, a fireplace, a family room, and wasn’t on a busy street, that we could afford.
But boy did I hate this house. Hated it. And everytime I discovered something new that had to be replaced or fixed, I cursed it even more. That is until now. We have a new Hero. He has transformed the house into something so great, the only way to describe it really is to compare it to an ugly catepillar. With time it grows into a beautiful butterfly. That’s what our Hero has done for our house. He is our carpenter and we might actually marry him. We love him THAT.MUCH. Except his wife and kids might not like that idea. We may need to work on a plan, ha ha!
I will post before and after pics later!!!!!


3 Responses to “Finally feeling the love….”

  1. eLí Says:

    I love “diamond in the ruff” stuff…glad to know it runs in the family…. 🙂

  2. tongue in cheek Says:

    I cannot wait to see. i love transformation stories!

  3. cheeky Says:

    I can relate to the frustrations of having so many things that need fixing but you did well by choosing location. The house has the main points you wanted which will pay off big time in the end. I’m sure you are seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel now?

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