She’s aging me exponentially

See this cute 17 month old daughter of mine? She’s been busy these last 2 weeks. She’s punched a 3 yr old boy in the nose and made him cry. She’s bitten me and her brother too many times to count. She’s eaten Play Doh, and drank green water that she was using to wash out the watercolor paint off her brush. She also tried opening the oven door, while I was baking!!! and she opened the back door and went outside. Without making a sound while I was in the kitchen cooking, and I thought she was in the family room playing. Now we keep our doors locked at all times because we have a in ground pool in the back. Yeah. She’s also teething again, so she wakes up every night screaming. She’s a gem.
But she really is lovable. When she’s sleeping.


6 Responses to “She’s aging me exponentially”

  1. Nadine Says:

    Are you sure she did all that? I mean look at that cute little face…so sweet and innocent.

  2. eLí Says:

    You’d have a lot to talk about with Zia M! I ate everything and wandered off constantly! But you have nothing to worry about! I mean, look how great I turned out….

  3. Tori Says:

    Your daughter is adorable.
    Glad to know that we all ate play-do at some point or another!

  4. Britt-Arnhild Says:

    LOL. She will grow up to become something great!

  5. tongue in cheek Says:

    Darling photo! I use to say to my little boy, “It is a darn good thing you are cute! Otherwise I’d scream.”

    Little ones are a joyful handful!

  6. Rachel Says:

    Oh man! My 19 month old little sweetie is nicknamed distructo! My oldest NEVER caused the mayhem this youngest can dish out. Nice to hear I’m not the only one! But boy is the cuteness a lifesaver.

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