Happy News on Mother’s Day!!

Yesterday was just an ordinary day around here because my husband had to work. That is until my youngest sister called and told me to call our other sister right away. She’s pregnant!
This will be her second child. She’s due in December around her son’s birthday. Her kids will be exactly 6 years apart.
I asked her what her son thought about having a sibling, and she said he screamed NO!!! but then calmed down and said that if it’s a boy they will keep it, but if it’s a girl, “then I just don’t know.”
Kinda glad my sister doesn’t let him make any important decisions.

***this pic was taken yesterday at my inlaws house. we went over for a late dinner. the kids were so tired from running around outside with their cousins. I love this picture because it looks like I forced them to sit with me, when actually I didn’t. Smiling takes energy.


4 Responses to “Happy News on Mother’s Day!!”

  1. eLi Says:

    I’m 3 years older than my brother and I clearly remember looking at him not impressed and told my parents, “Ok, you can take him back now.”… I’mr eal happy for her!!!!!

  2. cheeky Says:

    I laughed at yor nephews comment about whether or not he’s decided if they will keep the baby or not.
    It is a good thing they don’t get to make any decisions about this stuff. Oh the joys of sibling rivalry.
    Love the pic of you and the little nuggets.
    Happy Mom’s Day, belated I know!

  3. jennifer Says:

    Hi Cate,

    I can’t get over how much you resemble one of my dearest friends, one who I haven’t seen in years… thanks for reminding me of someone so dear. I’m going to call her right now!

  4. tongue in cheek Says:

    What happiness this photo shows. Happy Motherhood Today and everyday!

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