Dreaded Update

Ok, I wish I had better news, but I did not win the stroller. They actually called me the day after I finished harassing them, and told me that someone from New Jersey won. Whatev’s. I don’t believe them. But it’s a good thing I don’t live in Pennsylvania where their offices are located. I would probably be doing drive by’s if I did.
Need to go lick my wounds now.

**good thing I don’t have anything with substance to complain about!


6 Responses to “Dreaded Update”

  1. jennifer Says:

    At least you’re not from New Jersey… Oops! Are you from New Jersey? Well, if so, you’re used to Jersey jokes 🙂

  2. Cate Says:

    No, I’m from NY, thank goodness!

  3. Nadine Says:

    I’m from NY too. Hi, I found you blog through Cheeky. A couple of things, you’re kids are cute, I love Lost – can’t wait for tonight’s show. You have a nice blog – I’ll be back.

  4. tongue in cheek Says:

    Oh no…life can be unfair can’t it.

    I have to go back and read your other post to see what unfairity happened regarding the stroller.

  5. cheeky Says:

    What stroller? I need to go back and know now also.
    We don’t want you doing any drive bys either, so yep good thing you are not close to the stroller people, those cheaters! 🙂

  6. Britt-Arnhild Says:

    Oh, what a pity:-(
    Better luck next time (will there be a next time????)

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