What’s wrong with this picture? and an update

Yesterday my husband sent me shopping by myself. No kids. I took the Jetta. No car seats. Anyway, one place I had to go to was the supermarket. Now, since I am not good at making grocery lists, my husband always writes one out. He’s so anal like that, I mean he’s very organized. Well this is the shocking part: I came home with exactly what was on the list (with the exception of 2 magazines, but who really counts those?). That never happens. I always come home with at least $20 worth of stuff that was not on the list. You know, stuff that we really needed, like the new hand lotion in that bottle that is just sooo pretty. Stuff that he just doesn’t know to write down. I don’t know what happened. I must have been in a fog.

Now for the update: I called the “stroller” people twice today and spoke to Carol, who had no idea there was even a contest. She said I had to speak to Dave. Well Dave hasn’t called me back yet. Anybody want to see Dave cry? I do! I do!


2 Responses to “What’s wrong with this picture? and an update”

  1. Britt-Arnhild Says:

    I can’t wait to hear about the stroller contest……..

    ….and of course you have to buy the pretty handcream. Even your husband must understand that!!!!!

  2. eLi Says:

    …I’m on the edge of my seat with anticipation about this whole stroller situation! Clearly, I don’t get enough excitement around here…
    You’re emotionally terrorizing people at some bogus organization all because of some imaginary contest with a stroller you probably don’t need anyway- you do realize that, right? [:P}

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