How do you help?

I’ve been thinking a lot about helping people and I realize that I don’t help enough. I told my husband today that we really should adopt a child. Not only to expand our family (which would be awesome), but because it is a way that we can help out another human being. He thinks it is too challenging for us to even consider, and maybe he’s right. But, wouldn’t we be making the world a tiny bit better if we participated in improving the life of one person that doesn’t have a family? What if everyone took in one child who needed a home?
Anyway, so I was telling my husband that I don’t believe that I do enough to help people. I think everyone should help each other. He reminded me that we donate clothing and household items to Good Will, we sponsor a child through Half the Sky, we donate money to fund-raising charities that our friends and family participate in, we invite friends and acquaintances over for holiday dinners if we know that they would otherwise be alone (BTW- this is a favorite thing of ours–one that I look forward to), and we recycle and conserve energy!!! Something for the earth!
But while that is all good, am I really helping anyone? I want to do more. What I do just doesn’t seem enough. I would like to do something that would make a difference.
My husband suggested volunteering at an orphanage, which made me laugh because I had to point out that there aren’t any in the US. There are two homes that I am aware of, but neither are located nearby. Oh, what to do?
I’m not looking for the cure for cancer or how to stop wars. I would just be happy with a small but very significant change in my life and in someone else’s. Is that too much?


2 Responses to “How do you help?”

  1. Britt-Arnhild Says:

    Keep your eyes open and your paths will be lead where they shall. I’ll send a prayer with the first angel that you shall find the way, and a thank with the second angel for your care (the two angels are in my blog today)

  2. Tori Says:

    You are doing the most amazing thing ever by parenting your children.
    Your daily interactions matter. Your kind words matter.
    Just by having a loving, caring heart, coupled with awareness, you are already putting a good food forward.

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