Candy and cartoons

For a few weeks now, my daughter has refused breakfast with the exception of about 10 ounces of milk. Every morning it has been a battle to get her to eat. So I’ve let her drink her milk, and then about 10 am she eats something light such as toast. But this morning was different. My son asked for Yogos (after he ate his breakfast), and my daughter got all excited and wanted them too. Of course I gave them to her. The box says they contain calcium and vitamin C. I think we’re on the right track. Maybe tomorrow she will eat some real food.
Oh, and yes, she has to wear a hat whenever possible.


One Response to “Candy and cartoons”

  1. tongue in cheek Says:

    Too cute!!
    My son wore a bike helmet,never took it off, and he didn’t even ride a bike!

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