Oh, I cannot believe I said that.

Ever say something and then realize too late that you should have just kept your mouth shut? I’ve done that too many times to count, but I was just thinking of one instance because we happened to be talking about this girl last night.
She is my sister in laws’ sister in law. Make sense? Sweet girl. Lives in New Zealand. Visits often.
Anyway, when I was pregnant with my daughter she asked me my opinion on naming a child, how big the responsibility, blah blah, and what if the name you choose ends up being disliked by the child in the future?
Let me start by saying that this question was being asked in the middle of summer while I was watching my son play in the sandbox. It was HOT outside. I was pregnant. And not happily, because I don’t particularly like being pregnant. (But that’s just me). And it was HOT. Did I say that already? Anyway, because I was ( a little) irritable I stated exactly what I thought of the matter. That yes, I thought it was a tough decision, but that I planned on giving my child a name that I thought was beautiful. I certainly wasn’t going to name my child something that I thought was horrible. And in the future if she decided she hated her name, well then TOUGH! Do you think I like MY name? No, not really, but I know that my mother really liked my name. So too bad, tough luck, and suck it up! That was it. She just nodded, and we continued on our merry way.
HOURS later when I was giving my son a bath, I was thinking about the conversation I had that morning with the sister in law.
And that’s when it hit me like a slam! explosion! brick in the face! That’s when I remembered that this girl had her name changed legally because she didn’t like her name. Whoops. SOOOOrrryyyyyy


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